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Millions of Dogs Helped

ThunderShirt is the original, vet recommended, natural calming solution that helps reduce anxiety in dogs in a drug-free way. Like swaddling an infant, our dog anxiety vest’s patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues in dogs.

The ThunderShirt helps reduce anxiety relating to fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking and more. Treat anxiety, fear, and over-excitement in style! You’ll love the ThunderShirt’s calming effect on your dog.


⋅ Veterinarian recommended
⋅ No training required
⋅ Money-back guarantee

How It Works

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16 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Small

  1. Katrina

    WOW Im absolutely blown away. my girl is terrified of storms she always run and hide before we could even hear the storm. She would shake, hide under beds, run from room to room terrified. I put the wondershirt on her tonight and she is a completely different dog… no running from room to room. Just sitting beside me. She is still a little anxious…but no where near the level before the shirt.
    Absolutely Amazing product for my girl Sofie.

  2. Tahlia

    My dog has super bad separation anxiety and is usually really stressed when we arrive back home. Have tried this coat out and he loves it, makes him a lot calmer and not so stressed.

  3. Sandy Thoman

    Fantastic – my little fur grandchild has been anxious for a while.. This thunder shirt makes him so zen… he behaves and is super calm, once the shrit is on.
    Love it and thank you.

  4. Pauline Hammett

    What witchcraft is this? Our skittish, nervous, but extremely loving rescue dog TrixieJackpot who is pathologically frightened of water – came uninvited into the shower today wearing her Thundershirt!
    I’m gobsmacked.
    Looking forward to her enjoying her best life even more…

  5. Clare Hooper

    Years of anxiety and nervousness were immediately gone the second I put the thundershirt on my little girl. It didn’t just help with storms it also gave her back some confidence she’d lost after a number of bad experiences. Even her vet couldn’t believe the drastic change she said it was like meeting a completely different dog! I was able to wean her off the anxiety meds and now we only need it for storms but I always keep it with me just in case. It can be used for so many things besides those listed on the website, it even helped her when on walks if approached by other dogs she stopped wanting to be carried everywhere and was strutting about in her new jacket it was so cute some days she wouldn’t even let me take it off! Every owner of a nervous dog needs a thundershirt!

  6. Tina S.

    Works for our old gal.

  7. Linda R.

    While still nervous thunder shirt helps considerably

  8. Christina

    I have never seen my poodle so calm and chill. She normally barks or growls at the wind, a doorbell on TV or the slightest noise made. It really helps her anxiety and is nice to see her relaxed. I definitely recommend this to anyone who would like some peace and quiet.

  9. Radie A.

    Aries loves it. Wants to wear it all day!

  10. Jill S.

    Product is great. Had to exchange for a smaller shirt but the process was super easy. Can’t wait to actually use it and see how it works.

  11. Donna S.

    Thunder shirt is greatest invention since the light bulb!!! When worn in bad weather, my dog’s eyes light up with calm, anxiety free brightness! Thank you THUNDER SHIRT!!!

  12. Renee

    We just received the thunder jacket today and within minutes of putting it on, our Emma was calmer. Thought it was a fluke but we tested loud noises (nail gun, hammering, etc.) and still calm. Can’t wait to try it out for car rides! Thank you so much!!

  13. Debbie C.

    Sierra is a rescue doxie and is particularly skittish to noise. The Thundershirt has helped to calm her in our Midwest thunderstorms. WeÕre pleased that she feels more relaxed.

  14. Carol W.

    I’ve used thundershirts for my last three dogs over the past 25 years. They have kept them comfortable in all weather.

  15. Betty t.

    I have Thudershirts now for all three of my little dogs. If it starts to storm I say, Let’s get out Thundershirts, and they know where I keep them.
    They settle and don’t get so upset.
    Love the shirts!

  16. Donna S.

    Fabulous design!

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