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ThunderShirt is the original, vet recommended, natural calming solution that helps reduce anxiety in dogs in a drug-free way. Like swaddling an infant, our dog anxiety vest’s patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues in dogs.

The ThunderShirt helps reduce anxiety relating to fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking and more. Treat anxiety, fear, and over-excitement in style! You’ll love the ThunderShirt’s calming effect on your dog.


⋅ Veterinarian recommended
⋅ No training required
⋅ Money-back guarantee

How It Works

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18 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Medium

  1. Paula Isgrove

    It didn’t work for my dog but it wasn’t a design issue. My dog just gets over excited at everything.

  2. Jodie

    My staffy gets really anxious with being in the car and cries the whole way and is terrified of fireworks she hides under the bed on near your lap whimpering. We used the thunder shirt and she was completely different in the car she just say there in the back seat looking out the window and crying was to a very minimal. The thunder shirt is really lightweight, thin but great quality material. It is easy to put on and use my 8 year old can do it easy too. It is firm but not tight and looks like the way it crosses over feels like a big hug. I would recommend the product highly and will get another one if get another dog. I was gifted a product sample to trial and review

  3. Nat G

    My dog is very anxious as soon as there is hint of rain or thunder. I put the coat on however did not notice reduction in panting. It is a VERY well made high quality item. The idea is that it hugs on the pressure points to calm your dog. I will continue to use and also a great winter coat!*I was gifted a product sample to trial and review.

  4. Isobel Zec

    At first I was doubtful and I bought the product anyway my dog ???? Finny won’t let me take it off him he loves it so much and it totally stopped his barking this thing works miracles if you are thinking to buy it do it 100% ???? thank you ???? so much for bringing this into existence my dog has not been aggressive since this adorable little vest

  5. Madge R.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. My dog which is a Labradoodle has separation anxieties and motion sickness. This shirt has made a tremendous difference in her behavior and well-being. She will come to me when she sees me get the shirt. It has been so comforting for her. I highly recommend this product. It’s been a lifesaver!

  6. Kathleen A.

    Annie, our cocker spaniel is extremely afraid of thunder and rainstorms. The thunderbird arrived about a hour before a storm arrived. My wife got the shirt on her and coaxed her to the couch during the storms. Annie later down and fell asleep and slept through the entire evening. We had to wake her up for her meal. It really worked for her.

  7. Frank S.

    Our dog gets anxious every night around 7-7:30.
    We put his Thunder shirt on him about a half hour prior and it helps him to calm down.

  8. Lelia F.

    The best thing ever invented.

  9. Susan L.

    Our nine-year-old cockapoo Harry has worn his Thundershirt to relieve anxiety from thunderstorms, but we have found a new, miraculous use for this must-have product. Recently he was bitten by a large neighbor dog. Wearing both his Elizabethan collar and the Thundershirt calmed him down. When after a week of healing the collar came off, I assumed he wouldn’t still need the shirt, either, but he kept whining, so I put it back on him. He immediately got up, ate breakfast, and resumed his happy demeanor. Who knew? Thank you for making this stressful time easier for all of us.

  10. Tom M.

    The thunder shirt worked the very first time I used it on my dog. She likes it so much that she doesn’t want me to take it off.she wants to sleep in it at night. She will bring it to me to put on.

  11. Bentley

    My dog hates storms, he usually hides. However, this time around I put his thundershirt on and he was a very happy guy! I wish i bought this earlier

  12. Katherine R.

    It really works great for my westie terrier mix. Best for thunder and lightning which she is terrified of. Looks great too

  13. Dan A.

    I had my doubts, but it is like a light switch! Totally unbelievable and such a miracle all in one. Thank you so very much for helping our Monty get through his stressful days.

    Dan & Amber

  14. Christine D.

    Made a huge difference in her anxiety during and before a thunderstorm. She was still a little anxious, but not as bad. She at least laid down and did not run from room to room looking for a place to hide.

  15. Pam J.

    Misti Lou is our 5 year old Border Collie. She is very sensitive and gets really nervous when there is thunder and lightning. I recently bought her a Thundershirt. She is still a little jumpy, but once I get it on her, calms down considerably. It seems to comfort her, she comes to me when I ask her if she wants me to put her shirt on.

  16. Mercedes C.

    It helps my pup to be less anxious during storms. Great product

  17. John G.

    The thunderstorm arrived a few hours after the shirt had arrived. The shirt had an immediate positive effect. Later that day, after the shirt had been removed, our dog came to me with an concerned look on his face. The shirt was put back on, the concern disappeared and a new thunderstorm arrived.

  18. Kim T.

    Bought the Thundershirt for my Australian Shepherd that lives outside on the farm and is scared of loud noises and storms. She has been scratching my wood door whenever it storms. She has worn it without issue every time it has rained in the last 3 weeks without doing any more damage to my door. She still hunkers down but at least she lays still without tearing anything up. She has not offered to chew on it and she is a chewer. Nice lightweight material.

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