ThunderEssence – Calming Essential Oil Drops


Formats Available:

  • Give your pup that extra measure of calm
  • Great for loud noises, thunderstorms, home use, vet visits, car & air travel, kennel stays and more
  • Contains all natural essential oils lavender, chamomile & Egyptian geranium


A Calmer Dog with ThunderEssence

ThunderEssence is a calming essential oil that is part of the Thunder Works range made specifically for dogs. It contains 100% natural essential oils from lavender, chamomile and Egyptian geranium. These oils are widely used in aromatherapy for a wide variety of calming and health benefits for both humans and dogs. ThunderEssence is great for use at home, for veterinarian visits, during car or air travel, kennel stays, and more.  Give your pup that extra measure of calm with ThunderEssence Calming Essential Oils!


Available in drops or spray
 Great for home use, vet visits, car & air travel, kennel stays and more
 Try in combination with a ThunderShirt
 Contains all natural essential oils lavender, chamomile, and Egyptian geranium

The Calming Ingredients of ThunderEssence

Lavender: The calming and grounding benefits of lavender are well known

Chamomile: Chamomile has calming and relaxing properties

Egyptian Geranium: Egyptian geranium has been found to be soothing, helping to reduce anxiety

Need help deciding between the drops vs. the spray? The drops are more concentrated, and the spray tends to cover larger areas.  You should purchase the ThunderEssence drops if you are planning to apply ThunderEssence onto something that will go directly on your dog (e.g dog apparel, bandannas). You should purchase ThunderEssence spray if you are applying ThunderEssence to a larger area (e.g car, pillows, couches, bedding, air). Both can be effective in calming your dog.

Directions for use:

Put 2 – 5 drops daily or twice daily as needed on your pet’s bed, furniture of ThunderShirt.

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