ThunderShirt Instructions

Step 1

 We recommend using the ThunderShirt for the first time when your dog is NOT anxious so they can get used to the snug feeling in a calm comforting setting

    Step 2

    Attached to the main body you will find 2 chest straps, 1 long flap, 1 short flap & 1 top flap

    Step 3

    Place the main body of shirt along the back of the dog

      Step 4

      Wrap chest straps gently around the dog’s neck. These straps are just to hold the ThunderShirt in place so there shouldn’t be any pressure here.

        Step 5

        Wrap the long flap under torso & secure with short flap to make a secure short fit

          Step 6

          Wrap top flap down onto long flap & secure with the fasteners. Adjust if needed to improve the snug fit – not too tight just comfortable pressure

            *NB: International ThunderShirt model used for representation. Heather Grey colour available in Australia and New Zealand

            Important safety information 

            • After the first wear remove every 1 – 2 hours to check for irritation
            • The ThunderShirt is safe to wear for extended periods, it is recommended to remove ThunderShirts twice daily for 30 minutes

            Tips & Tricks for using your ThunderShirt

            The ThunderShirt is easy to use and requires no training. We have some tips for introducing the ThunderShirt to your pet to achieve maximum calm.

            • Try ThunderShirt on your pet the first few times when they’re feeling calm and loved
            • Put ThunderShirt in your laundry basket, so it starts to smell familiar
            • Give treats to your pet on the ThunderShirt like a plate so they associate it with positive things
            • Put ThunderShirt in your pet’s bed or crate and give them lots of snuggles
            • During a calm period, try the ThunderShirt on your pet for 1-2 hours. Engage with treats, plays and more snuggles
            • Try taking a walk in the ThunderShirt. More treats and positive reinforcement

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