Dog Anxiety

What is dog anxiety?

The symptoms and behaviours related to dog anxiety or fear are as numerous and varied as sizes and shapes of dogs.

Some symptoms and behaviours related to anxiety are obvious: shaking during a storm, hiding during fireworks, destroying the house when left alone. Some are not-at-all obvious and often misunderstood such as tail wagging, bolting and drooling.

    What are the signs your dog is anxious?

    • Panting
    • Drooling
    • Whining
    • Scratching
    • Bolting
    • Shaking
    • Barking
    • Hiding
    • Licking

    What are the most common causes of dog anxiety?

    Common situations where dog’s may show signs of stress include:

    • Thunder / Storms
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Car or Air Travel
    • Problem Barking
    • House – Soiling
    • Fireworks
    • Vet or Grooming Visits
    • New Home / Environment
    • Chewing & Scratching

    How to calm your pet?

    • Nothing is worse than seeing your sweet furr-baby pace, pant and shake. Therefore we have put together a number of top tips and advice on how to calm your pet during specific situations:

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