How To Calm Your Nervous Dog?

Does your dog dread trips to the vet, loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms or unexpected situations such as new visitors? Faced with a new, unusual or unfamiliar situation, it’s perfectly normal for your dog to be nervous, anxious or fearful.

If you learn how to tell when your dog is nervous and understand why they feel afraid, you’ll be better able to calm them.

Top 5 Tips

1. Learn to identify when your dog is nervous

  • Learn to identify when your dog feels anxious and what triggers their fear
  • Common doggy anxiety triggers include loud noises, new people, other animals, changes in their environment, car rides, separation anxiety, age and negative experiences
  • You can help them avoid scary situations, or gradually train them to stay calm around unfamiliar or frightening things

2. Don’t give your dog attention

  • When you know your dog is nervous or afraid, your first reaction will probably be to pet and comfort them.
  • However, this can reinforce fearful behaviours and make them worse in the future.
  • The best thing to do is to remove any environmental triggers where possible and wait for your pet to calm down. Don’t make a fuss or reward your pet with attention or treats while they are afraid as this will make them think it is normal to be afraid.

3. Mild positive exposure

  • Your dog can learn over time that there is nothing to be afraid of
  • Expose your dog slowly: approach the fearful thing from a good distance
  • Reward your dog when he calms down

4. Try a ThunderShirt

  • Like a comforting hug, a ThunderShirt provides gentle, calming pressure around your dog’s torso, helping to soothe their anxiety, and help them to feel safe
  • Vet Recommended, and it is no wonder why! We’ve seen the ThunderShirt help 1M+ dogs worldwide
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5. Consult your Vet

  • If none of the above completely calms your dog and he or she still seems very distressed, contact your veterinarian for additional assistance. In some cases an anxiety relieving medication in addition to the ThunderShirt may be all that is necessary to help your dog eventually lose their fear.

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