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This cookies policy is applicable when you use CEVA ANIMAL HEALTH websites.

When browsing these Sites, you are liable to receive cookies sent and managed by CEVA ANIMAL HEALTH as well as cookies sent from other sites or web servers operated by third parties (“Third-Party Cookies”).

1. What is a cookie?

The term “cookies” covers all tracers stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and/or read from this device when browsing a website or using a mobile application (site) or when viewing an advert. The main purpose thereof is to collect information relating to your site browsing, and to send you personalised services.

2. Which cookies?


These are cookies essential for the correct operation and browsing on our sites, and the improvement of site functionalities and performance.

However, by deactivating the use of these cookies, you may no longer benefit from certain functionalities.

These cookies do not collect any personal data.


These are cookies that enable information on the use of our sites to be collected, to allow us to improve the content and/or make it more appropriate.

They allow us to collect information on the way in which you use the site, the number of page visits, the time spent on a page, or the number of clicks.

All these cookies are automatically activated when you accept these cookies. However, if you wish to deactivate them, you are invited to consult the “Exercise your choice” paragraph hereafter.

The information stored may not be used for commercial purposes.


These cookies allow us to present you with advertising adapted to your interests and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Measurement cookies
Measurement cookies allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns 

Targeting cookies

These cookies let us know your browsing habits, to allow us to share adverts likely to interest you.

Targeting cookies allow us:

  • to collect personal or non-personal data through quizzes,
  • to know the content of the pages viewed,
  • to know the information you have chosen to share when registering on other sites,
  • to know the pages and websites viewed during your recent browsing sessions, or immediately before arriving at the site,
  • to know your location.



We may include third-party cookies on our sites, which allow you to share the content of our sites.

These cookies are not managed by Ceva and we have no control over the process used by the social networks to collect information relating to your browsing of our sites in relation with the personal data to which they have access.

The issue and use of cookies by these third parties are subject to their privacy policies.

We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to find out about the intended purpose of the browsing information they may collect through these application buttons (namely advertising purposes). These privacy policies must allow you to inform these social networks of your choices, namely by configuring your user accounts.

3. What is the data retention period and what is the erasure procedure?


When you first connect to our sites, you will be asked to accept cookies.

This consent is valid for a maximum of 13 months.


You may modify or decline the collection of information via Cookies by actively managing your browser settings.

  • Completely activate or deactivate cookies;
  • Delete specific cookies which have already been stored in the browser;
  • Prevent certain websites from saving cookies on your computer;
  • Block third-party cookies (when cookies are stored on your computer by another site when you browse a specific site). 

However, any change of settings is liable to modify your browsing and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of cookies.

Therefore, we advise you not to refuse the use of technical cookies, which are necessary for the functioning of the site, and the refusal of which will prevent you from browsing normally.  

However, refusal of targeting or measurement cookies only stops advertising on our sites or the Internet; these will no longer be tailored to your interests.


Configuration of the browser software

To do this, follow the instructions provided by your browser.

You may also click on the links below to access instructions from some of the most common browsers:

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Mozilla Firefox:



Third-party cookies

Only the issuer of the third-party cookie concerned is liable to read or modify the elements contained in this cookie. These third-party cookies are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties.

For more information and make your choice regarding these cookies, you may click on the following links:



In addition, to find out more about how cookies and targeted advertising work, you may consult:

Digital Advertising Alliance in the United States: Digital Advertising Alliance

Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada: Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe: European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

These organisations allow you to unsubscribe from online advertising based on your interests from all member companies


This site offers you the opportunity to manage your refusal or acceptance of cookies liable to be used, through a centralised interface.

To find out more about cookies, you may visit the site of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés [French national commission on informatics and liberty]:

4. Update to the cookie policy

The cookie policy may be modified over time. These modifications shall come into effect immediately after the publication of the amended Cookies Policy.  You are invited to regularly read the Cookie Policy for possible changes.


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