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2 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Extra Extra Small

  1. Kimberly M.

    The thundershirt has helped our little dog, it has helped with her shaking (for no reason), and some of the separation anxiety. It hasn’t helped as much with people coming to our house. She still barks and goes crazy. Overall we are happy with the product.

  2. Nancy G.

    Works great

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12 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Extra Small

  1. allen a.

    Our 10 year old Bich-Poo, Rusty, is a nervous wreck during T-Storms. Thunder-Shirt makes all the difference. He is still anxious, but it works wonders to calm his nervousness. Wish we had known about it earlier! Great product.

  2. Norma T.

    It makes her more settled down when traveling

  3. Sylvie L.

    Thanks it’s perfect and I try with my little girl and it is WoW

  4. Letia G.

    This product works well.

  5. Jason H.

    This is literally amazing! My parents have a highly anxious, nervous, and while very sweet, a very yappy Yorkie Terrier who is absolutely terrified of me and just about everyone else including other dogs. When Tessa wears this dog she is cool, calm, and collected and I can actually get some work done in the basement without constant barking every 20 minutes! Within two minutes of putting it on she was very calm, peaceful and relaxed. Super happy with the product and the ThunderShirt team have been a pleasure to deal with.

  6. Wild R.

    I think the design of the Thundershirt is well thought out. I was impressed with how it’s application was so easy. My dog had no problem wearing the shirt. Though we have not had any storms with thunder yet. I do think it may very well calm my dog down. Thanks for creating the Thundershirt.

  7. Sally

    I got a thundershirt for my dog, Buddy. Originally I got it for separation anxiety but lately I have been home all the time so he isn’t feeling that way so much. But his routine is so different- he is usually in doggy day care all week when I work. Sometimes he will just start shaking and go hide under the bed. Now I coax him out with the shirt. It helps him calm down. It really works!!

  8. Donald W.

    Your product works just as promised,

  9. Christina. M.

    My 14 year old Pomeranian has gotten bad anxiety this past year. Constantly shaking, and barking at every noise. Put this on him today. Ther was an accident in front of our house. 3 police cars and a fire truck. NOT ONE BARK!!! WHAT?!?! Should have gotten this so long ago. He isn’t shaking at all. I can’t believe it. Best purchase ever!!

  10. Brianna L.

    We LOVE what the thundershirt has done for our dog. She is so much calmer and less stressed when our older dog gets anxious due to bad weather. Older dog has a Thundershirt as well.

  11. Lewella B.

    Really does help

  12. Cortney C.

    Our little Italian greyhound has struggled with storms for 9 years now. The first night we put this on him he actually was able to lay down and sleep during a big storm. Finally!! 100% recommend!

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14 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Small

  1. Pauline Hammett

    What witchcraft is this? Our skittish, nervous, but extremely loving rescue dog TrixieJackpot who is pathologically frightened of water – came uninvited into the shower today wearing her Thundershirt!
    I’m gobsmacked.
    Looking forward to her enjoying her best life even more…

  2. Clare Hooper

    Years of anxiety and nervousness were immediately gone the second I put the thundershirt on my little girl. It didn’t just help with storms it also gave her back some confidence she’d lost after a number of bad experiences. Even her vet couldn’t believe the drastic change she said it was like meeting a completely different dog! I was able to wean her off the anxiety meds and now we only need it for storms but I always keep it with me just in case. It can be used for so many things besides those listed on the website, it even helped her when on walks if approached by other dogs she stopped wanting to be carried everywhere and was strutting about in her new jacket it was so cute some days she wouldn’t even let me take it off! Every owner of a nervous dog needs a thundershirt!

  3. Tina S.

    Works for our old gal.

  4. Linda R.

    While still nervous thunder shirt helps considerably

  5. Andrea B.

    Excellent product. Truly works! My dog loves it.

  6. Christina

    I have never seen my poodle so calm and chill. She normally barks or growls at the wind, a doorbell on TV or the slightest noise made. It really helps her anxiety and is nice to see her relaxed. I definitely recommend this to anyone who would like some peace and quiet.

  7. Radie A.

    Aries loves it. Wants to wear it all day!

  8. Jill S.

    Product is great. Had to exchange for a smaller shirt but the process was super easy. Can’t wait to actually use it and see how it works.

  9. Donna S.

    Thunder shirt is greatest invention since the light bulb!!! When worn in bad weather, my dog’s eyes light up with calm, anxiety free brightness! Thank you THUNDER SHIRT!!!

  10. Renee

    We just received the thunder jacket today and within minutes of putting it on, our Emma was calmer. Thought it was a fluke but we tested loud noises (nail gun, hammering, etc.) and still calm. Can’t wait to try it out for car rides! Thank you so much!!

  11. Debbie C.

    Sierra is a rescue doxie and is particularly skittish to noise. The Thundershirt has helped to calm her in our Midwest thunderstorms. WeÕre pleased that she feels more relaxed.

  12. Carol W.

    I’ve used thundershirts for my last three dogs over the past 25 years. They have kept them comfortable in all weather.

  13. Betty t.

    I have Thudershirts now for all three of my little dogs. If it starts to storm I say, Let’s get out Thundershirts, and they know where I keep them.
    They settle and don’t get so upset.
    Love the shirts!

  14. Donna S.

    Fabulous design!

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15 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Medium

  1. Isobel Zec

    At first I was doubtful and I bought the product anyway my dog ???? Finny won’t let me take it off him he loves it so much and it totally stopped his barking this thing works miracles if you are thinking to buy it do it 100% ???? thank you ???? so much for bringing this into existence my dog has not been aggressive since this adorable little vest

  2. Madge R.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. My dog which is a Labradoodle has separation anxieties and motion sickness. This shirt has made a tremendous difference in her behavior and well-being. She will come to me when she sees me get the shirt. It has been so comforting for her. I highly recommend this product. It’s been a lifesaver!

  3. Kathleen A.

    Annie, our cocker spaniel is extremely afraid of thunder and rainstorms. The thunderbird arrived about a hour before a storm arrived. My wife got the shirt on her and coaxed her to the couch during the storms. Annie later down and fell asleep and slept through the entire evening. We had to wake her up for her meal. It really worked for her.

  4. Frank S.

    Our dog gets anxious every night around 7-7:30.
    We put his Thunder shirt on him about a half hour prior and it helps him to calm down.

  5. Lelia F.

    The best thing ever invented.

  6. Susan L.

    Our nine-year-old cockapoo Harry has worn his Thundershirt to relieve anxiety from thunderstorms, but we have found a new, miraculous use for this must-have product. Recently he was bitten by a large neighbor dog. Wearing both his Elizabethan collar and the Thundershirt calmed him down. When after a week of healing the collar came off, I assumed he wouldn’t still need the shirt, either, but he kept whining, so I put it back on him. He immediately got up, ate breakfast, and resumed his happy demeanor. Who knew? Thank you for making this stressful time easier for all of us.

  7. Tom M.

    The thunder shirt worked the very first time I used it on my dog. She likes it so much that she doesn’t want me to take it off.she wants to sleep in it at night. She will bring it to me to put on.

  8. Bentley

    My dog hates storms, he usually hides. However, this time around I put his thundershirt on and he was a very happy guy! I wish i bought this earlier

  9. Katherine R.

    It really works great for my westie terrier mix. Best for thunder and lightning which she is terrified of. Looks great too

  10. Dan A.

    I had my doubts, but it is like a light switch! Totally unbelievable and such a miracle all in one. Thank you so very much for helping our Monty get through his stressful days.

    Dan & Amber

  11. Pam J.

    Misti Lou is our 5 year old Border Collie. She is very sensitive and gets really nervous when there is thunder and lightning. I recently bought her a Thundershirt. She is still a little jumpy, but once I get it on her, calms down considerably. It seems to comfort her, she comes to me when I ask her if she wants me to put her shirt on.

  12. Christine D.

    Made a huge difference in her anxiety during and before a thunderstorm. She was still a little anxious, but not as bad. She at least laid down and did not run from room to room looking for a place to hide.

  13. Mercedes C.

    It helps my pup to be less anxious during storms. Great product

  14. John G.

    The thunderstorm arrived a few hours after the shirt had arrived. The shirt had an immediate positive effect. Later that day, after the shirt had been removed, our dog came to me with an concerned look on his face. The shirt was put back on, the concern disappeared and a new thunderstorm arrived.

  15. Kim T.

    Bought the Thundershirt for my Australian Shepherd that lives outside on the farm and is scared of loud noises and storms. She has been scratching my wood door whenever it storms. She has worn it without issue every time it has rained in the last 3 weeks without doing any more damage to my door. She still hunkers down but at least she lays still without tearing anything up. She has not offered to chew on it and she is a chewer. Nice lightweight material.

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15 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Large

  1. Floyd C.

    My dog likes it.

  2. Steven R.

    He loves his shirt so much, he goes the closet and looks for it when he want to put it on,

  3. Linda S.

    it really works

  4. Katie B.

    My 5-year-old lab mix has always been somewhat anxious. His ThunderShirts (we have two, so one is always ready even if one is in the laundry) seem to generally calm him down. It’s not a perfect solution (nothing is), but we are grateful for any improvement.

  5. Annahliece C.

    my aun’ts dog just love it

  6. Jennifer P.

    I got this thunder shirt because my dog is terrified of storms and fireworks. I slowly adjusted him to the shirt with treats and casual wear a little at a time when he wasn’t stressed like suggested. Then the first lighting came I got a couple treats and his thunder shirt, he waited patiently while I got it on him, then instead of hiding in the laundry room or corner of the bathroom, he went to his bed and took a nap!! It was amazing. Since there there have been 3 other incidents, every time he seems so happy to be in his shirt and calms down quickly!! Couldn’t be happier!!

  7. Mitchell E.

    My girl was abused in the past. She spent a couple of years in a rescue shelter. She is afraid of the sound of rain on our tin roof, sounds of heavy wind, sudden noises and anything that resembles a stick. ThunderShirt helps a Great Deal with rain and wind sounds!!!

  8. Walter B.

    We have used ThunderShirts with two of our dogs, and they really help with calming. The owner does need to understand what is causing the anxiety and how to use ThunderShirt correctly in order to get the best results.

  9. Lorry A.

    The thundershirt has made a huge difference during storms. We have used it twice and are very excited to say, no more drugs for storms. Some anxiety with extreme thunder but manageable. We are looking forward to trying it out during travel.

  10. Patricia M.

    Works great for our dog with anxiety ! My second dog is scared of thunderstorms and this did help her quite a bit

  11. Kathryn C.

    My dog suffers from pretty strong anxiety during all rain and thunderstorms. While this is does not magically make all his anxiety go away, it certainly calms him down enough that he actually will stop pacing and crying. I have been happy with this product.

  12. Sandi T.

    works great

  13. Crystal H.

    It calms her so well, better than I had hoped. I had family telling me it wouldn’t work, but it did! First thunderstorm after receiving it she did NOT crawl under our bed; totally worth it!!

  14. Amelia J.

    My dog is naturally anxious with the thundershirt at least his tail is up and he is not barking at every leaf that falls outside. So far so good.

  15. Celeste H.

    Our Australian Shepherd was an unclaimed stray, just terrified of storms. We had been medicating her but it didn’t help that much and we didn’t like drugging her. We noticed her cowering in the corner behind furniture just a day after receiving her Thundershirt. She sensed a storm and was quaking. We put the shirt on her and ten minutes later her shaking had stopped. We love the Thundershirt!

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15 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Extra Large

  1. John W.

    My German Shepherd does seem more relaxed with the jacket on.

  2. Stephen E.

    Great Product

  3. Barbara W.

    My Retriever is so much more peaceful when the storms hit. He actually starts wagging his tail when I get his thunder shirt out.

  4. James F.

    I put the shirt on our Great Pyr and walk her around a little while and she will calm down and can come back to bed. She must hear or sense something that scares her at night and starts pacing and barking which wakes everyone in the house. Once I assess that no immediate threat is present, out comes the Thundershirt. Otherwise the barking can go on for hours.

  5. Karen G.

    Since my dog Riley has died, my other dog is having issues with anxiety. The Thundershirt has helped her feel calmer, she rides in the car with less stress and is showing signs of courage.

  6. Sally M.

    My dog is scared of storms and fireworks, this does help calm her.
    Also has separation anxiety when I have to leave her alone and bites herself. Thunder shirt has helped with this issue even more.
    Thanks! Will buy again.

  7. Marcia C.

    it really helps to calm her down very happy with it

  8. Joann M.

    Works great on old dogs with anxiety

  9. Kirk H.

    It works great. Our lab shakes severely whenever there are fire works, thunderstorms. This ThunderShirt has helped him so much. I would recommend these without hesitation.

  10. Derrick L.

    Second thunder shirt purchase for my 6year old dog. He definitely is calmer and relaxed when placed on!

  11. Teresa W.

    Sweet anxious lab seems to love wearing his new vest!

  12. Victoria

    Our rescued dog is terrified of thunderstorms, car rides, loud noises, just about anything that can induce anxiety for him does. Our vet had given us a sedative to use during thunderstorms for him. Almost 2 hours after being given the sedative, it didn’t work at all on him. I drove to the pet store quick and purchased the thundershirt. Followed the instructions and no sooner than I finished strapping the shirt on him he started calming down. Within 15 min of having the shirt on he went and laid down with one of our cats and fell asleep.

  13. Lakan C.

    I bought this because everything that I tried for my dog didnt work. He is scared of thunderstorms he has anxiety he has social anxiety and he has separation anxiety plus hes scared of everything. This shirt made a big difference with him and I have been recommending it to everyone I know who has a dog that is scared. So thank you for this product its amazing

  14. Abigail S.

    Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. No storms have come through since we received our thundershirt, but fingers crossed.

  15. Debbie G.

    My extremely anxious dog is doing so much better with noises and thunderstorms while wearing this.

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2 reviews for ThunderShirt for Dogs - Original Heather Grey - Extra Extra large

  1. Kiara W.

    My feisty little girl doesn’t like strangers and her fear of them can translate into aggression sometimes. I wanted her to always feel safe, even in the presence of people or dogs that she doesn’t know, so I bought her the ThunderShirt. The first time I put it on her, she relaxed instantly and I knew that it had been a great investment. I love this shirt even more than she does.

  2. Leah S.

    This works wonderfully

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